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Carpet Style and Color Codes Help You Find the Perfect Carpet

Perfect Home® carpet is easy to shop! Look for these four style codes to lead you to the look you want.


Carpet featuring one solid color.


Carpet with a lighter and darker shade of the same color.


Light and dark shade of same color with another color added.


Carpet featuring fiber that forms loops.


Carpet with geometric, linear, floral, or other design.

Learn More About Perfect Home Carpet

Perfect Home carpet offers you some amazing choices in style, texture, construction, color and pattern. You can now choose a carpet that meets any decorating need and still fit it into your budget.

Read on to find out more about Perfect Home carpet and educate yourself to make a wise choice. Perfect Home Flooring retailers can also assist you when you visit their store. You’ll get the best selection and the best quality at a reasonable price.

Carpet Constructions

Perfect Home® carpet features the most popular carpet styles and constructions. There is sure to be a style to make your room perfect.

  • TEXTURE:  The most popular style of carpet. Slightly twisted fibers create a textured surface with traditional styling that’s perfect for any casual room. Textured cut pile carpet performs well in high traffic areas and is available in a wide range of colors.
  • LOOP: Loop carpets have a continuous, uncut surface that wears well in high traffic areas. Durable yet comfortable, loop piles are perfect for casual spaces with lots of activity like family rooms, dens and play rooms.
  • PATTERN:  Unique and expressive, patterned carpets use cut and loop pile combinations to create a sculpted look. Available in organic, trellis and geometric designs, this carpet can evoke a dramatic feeling of style in bedrooms and living rooms.

How to Choose Carpet

  • STYLE: The carpet you choose for your home reflects your personal style and your practical requirements just as much as the clothes you wear. Choose a style or construction of carpet that appeals to your personal taste and suits your lifestyle.
  • COLOR: Carpet comes in many colors, including solids, tonals, and accents. Making a selection can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re not comfortable selecting color, many Perfect Home Flooring retailers have expert designers on staff to help in coordinating colors that enhance the design of your room. You can also go the safe route and choose a neutral beige or gray. If you’re planning on selling your home, this might be the way to go.
  • FIBER: To make the right fiber choice, it’s important to consider some simple questions: Do you have children or pets? Will your carpet be in a high traffic area? Will it be exposed to direct sunlight? Will it be near an entrance from the outdoors? The ideal carpet for you is one that appeals to you visually, and is also durable enough for your lifestyle.

Use of Color

Neutral colors are the easiest to decorate with and can give a room a spacious, airy look. While beiges are the most popular, neutral colors have expanded into other color families such as grays, pale greens, sun-washed yellows, lilac and sky blue.

If you want a bolder statement, use a more dramatic color to add flair and create an upbeat and sophisticated room. To achieve this look. Identify a common accent color in your decor, and then find a coordinating carpet color.

As a basic rule, warm colors can add comfort to a room that lacks light, while cool greens and blues can bring a calming ambiance.

Lighter colors can make a room seem larger, while darker colors can often make it more intimate and cozy. Darker colors and accents also help disguise common soil in high traffic areas.

Carpet Fiber Comparison

  • NYLON: It is the most versatile of all fibers, providing exceptional softness and excellent flexibility in creating a wide variety of carpet styles. Nylon is also the most durable and resilient carpet fiber available. Though not inherently stain resistant, most nylon carpets include a stain-resistant carpet treatment like R2X or Scotchgard. Also, some nylons are solution dyed, which means the color goes throughout the fiber so it enhances fade and stain resistance.
  • TRIEXTA: Combining the resilience of nylon and the stain resistance of polyester, Triexta provides excellent performance and value. It is also exceptionally soft and offers a wide array of styles and design options.
  • POLYESTER: While not quite as durable as nylon, polyester has improved greatly the last few years, offers exceptional color clarity, is naturally stain and fade resistant. Polyester carpet offers the best value in floor covering. Also, some polyesters are solution dyed, which means the color goes throughout the fiber so it enhances fade and stain resistance.

Carpet Performance Factors

Your Perfect Home carpet will provide you with years of beauty and performance. The performance of your carpet will be determined by several factors:

  • Proper Cushioning: A good cushion (pad) will act as a shock absorber and transfer weight and wear from the carpet to the pad. This will extend the life of your carpet. Ask your sales associate for the correct pad.
  • Construction: Fiber, density of yarn, yarn twists, etc. will all affect the performance of your carpet. All of these factors will impact the durability of the carpet as well as its look.

Solid color carpets are a single color overall. The top row shows warmer colors and bottom row shows cooler colors.

Multi-color carpets hide dirt between cleanings. They combine two very similar colors and add a third darker or brighter color.